How to Freeze Fresh Raw Vegetables without Blanching in 3 Easy Steps

A few years ago when we still lived in Sydney, I used to do my grocery shop online, to save time. Sometimes there were just other things that I can needed to be doing and for a small delivery fee, I could get everything delivered right to our doorstep!

When I first started doing this, I had a couple of issues though …

Apparently I had no concept of how much vegetables weigh and I ended up with a very large amount of broccoli, green beans and spinach! Now whilst we eat these every day and love them, there is only so much greens a gal can eat (and I couldn’t just force feed them to John!). 

I’ve always hated food waste so I decided to find out how I could freeze fresh veggies. Naturally, I’m too lazy to blanch the veggies first, so I was determined to find a way around that whole process. Eventually I came across this and bingo! No blanching required!

Of course, fresh is always best and tastes a bit better; but for quick, healthy back up meals and to save food waste, freezing some veggies is a good move.

3 Easy Steps to Freeze Fresh Raw Vegetables

1. Prep your vegetables, e.g. chop up broccoli into florets, trim the ends off of the green beans.

2. Place them into large ziplock bags and using a straw, suck out as much air as possible and seal.

3. Pop them in the freezer!

To cook them, there is no need to defrost, just pop them straight into boiling water like the frozen veggies you would get from the supermarket. I haven’t tried this with other veggies yet, but I’m sure it would work for ones like cauliflower, corn, sweet potato etc…

So there go, easy frozen veggies!

24 thoughts on “How to Freeze Fresh Raw Vegetables without Blanching in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Anonymous says:

    Serious?? I just chopped, blanched, cooled, bagged and froze 2kg of green beans and 8 corn cobs…Wish I’d known this a little earlier lol. Oh well, Next time!

      • KI'm Anderson says:

        I tried this with green beans but they came out a little mushy and did not have that great fresh taste. Maybe I did something wrong? Also what is the shelf life in freezer. Thanks so much. Kim

        • Zoe Tattersall • Co-Founder says:

          If the green beans weren’t super fresh that may have caused them to go a bit mushy … unless you mean you just overcooked them? Try your local markets for fresher produce 🙂 Shelf life for frozen veggies will be at least 3-4 months generally.

  2. Maria Ruiz says:

    I usually freeze my greens and feuits together to make my juices but always take out bags with rocks instead of frozen fruits and greens will this method work for me

  3. Josephine B says:

    You have only shown how to freeze broccoli and beans, but I’d like to know how to freeze most common vegetables. At the moment I’d like to know how do I freeze raw pumpkin? Would I do the same for other vegetables like you suggest for beans and broccoli? I have done various fruit before your suggested way for my smoothies and they are good.

    • Zoe Tattersall • Co-Founder says:

      Hey Josephine, yes raw pumpkin would freeze just as well with this method. Most other veggies will be good too (things like leafy greens will only be good frozen if you’re planning on adding them to say a soup or smoothie though). Enjoy! 🙂

  4. Crystyn says:

    Zoe, just like you, the thought of blanching puts me off freezing veg. In part, I understand the concept of it but can’t understand why all the veg just can’t be cooked for one minute in fast boiling water, dried – bearing in mind they are still cooking during this time – placed on a tray to cool, so they don’t all stick together, bagged and then placed in freezer. It’s the need of having to plunge them straight into an icy bowl of water that puts me off!

    • Zoe Tattersall • Co-Founder says:

      I know ha ha so much effort doing the icy bowl of water! Hence the need for freezing-veggies-for-lazy-people 😉 XO

  5. Zara says:

    Great that others do what I have been doing for 35 years! I freeze fruit and veg, in fact my mum did that too.i would suggest for fruits to lay them flat and freeze on a tray before bagging them. That will stop them sticking together. I freeze kiwi, all kind of berries, bananas, mandrians, pineapple. All ready in bags for making my morning smoothies.

    • Zoe Tattersall • Co-Founder says:

      Frozen fruit is much easier if it’s just for smoothie! Chop and freeze 🙂 (Don’t forget to remove the banana skin first though!) 😉

  6. Patricia Williams says:

    Hi, I did the green beans yesterday. I was excited to see air being sucked out through a straw. However, today I looked at the frozen bag of green beans and saw little ice crystals. Is this normal, or ok, please?

    • Zoe Tattersall • Co-Founder says:

      Yes you still may get some ice crystals, depending on how cold your freezer is. They’ll be fine 🙂

  7. judy donelson says:

    I have always frozen corn on the cob, just shuck, no washing and put in freezer bags, also been freezing cauliflower so i could roast. You can also freeze peppers, just make sure nothing is wet as that builds up frost. I am ready for anything, you name it, I am going to freeze it.

    • Zoe Tattersall • Co-Founder says:

      I haven’t tried with potatoes! You might still have to blanch them first, depending on how starchy they are. Waxy potatoes would freeze better.

  8. Jessica Maynard says:

    I just remember my mother looking at me horrified when I first told I freeze all my veggies without blanching. The trick is getting as much air out of the bags as you can to prevent freezer burn. I even freeze sliced up apples for quick and easy apple cobbler or pie!

    • Zoe Tattersall • Co-Founder says:

      Yes exactly! It’s all about reducing the air/oxygen! Great idea for the apples – who doesn’t want quick and easy pie 😉

  9. Katie says:

    I’ve always blanched my green beans corn, broccoli etc. before freezing. Some worked out well while others didn’t have the quality I wanted and I had to throw some away. Besides it’s so TIME CONSUMING! I finally invested in a vacuum sealer–best thing I ever did.

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