Raw Chocolate for a Healthy Easter

With Easter just around the corner (where is the year going?!), it’s the perfect time to indulge your sweet tooth … but why not choose a treat that’s good for you too?! Enter my favourite, fool-proof raw chocolate recipe! (Oh and don’t miss our gluten-free, vegan Hot Cross Buns!)

Raw chocolate is super easy to make once you’ve got the right ingredients in your pantry. Just like Easter eggs and bunnies, you don’t want to eating raw chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner – but it’s a great option that is full of nourishing whole-foods and much less refined sugar or artificial additives. Plus it’s dairy and gluten free, so a win for those with sensitive tummies.

raw chocolate

Now you won’t find some of these ingredients in your local supermarket, but most good health food shops will definitely stock them and if that fails, you can find them online (suggestions linked below in the recipe).

Probably the hardest ingredient to find is the cocoa/cacao liquor, also called cocoa/cacao mass or paste. This is the most pure form of 100% dark chocolate – it’s literally just the raw cacao nibs that have been ground into a smooth, liquid state (which solidifies at room temperature). It gives a really nice flavour and texture to the raw chocolate recipe.

However, if you can’t find it, don’t worry! You can totally replace it with raw cacao powder which will work lovely and is much easier to find.

raw chocolate

The best thing about this recipe is it’s so simple and flexible to add whatever flavours or add-in ingredients you want. I made beautiful raw chocolate bark (swirl together the white and dark!) and also dark fruit & nut chocolates and ‘top deck’ chocolates with a sprinkle of turmeric and beetroot powder on top. Fun!

raw chocolate

You can add things like dried fruit, nuts, coconut, essential oils or superfood powders. So get creative and have fun with it!

raw chocolate

And if you do end up feeling like you’ve over-indulged a bit, then the 24 day DCN program or our new 7 day Blitz will be perfect to get back on track!

Raw Chocolate
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A healthier, but very delicious raw chocolate option for Easter ... or any time of the year!
Recipe type: Clean Treats
  1. To make the dark chocolate: roughly chop the raw cacao butter and cacao liquor and add to a bowl, then place it over a saucepan of boiling water to gently melt it (please don't microwave these beautiful ingredients!).
  2. Once it's melted to a liquid, slowing drizzle in the maple syrup or rice malt syrup, stirring as you go to combine it. Add the vanilla extract and sea salt to taste. If you are adding any flavour essences (like peppermint or orange oil) these can be added in now too.
  3. To make the white chocolate: follow the same process, and add in the coconut butter at the same time as the maple syrup. Then add the lucuma powder.
  4. Pour or spoon carefully into chocolate moulds and allow to set in the refrigerator.
  5. OR to make chocolate bark – pour over a piece of baking paper or silicon mat in a tray, and sprinkle whatever toppings you like!
If you are going to use raw cacao powder instead of the cacao liquor / paste, then increase to 150g raw cacao butter and replace the liquor with ⅓ cup raw cacao powder.

Chocolate bark:
Pistachios, coconut flakes, dried pomegranate seeds and dried rose petals.

Beetroot and turmeric powder.
Almonds and sultanas.
Peppermint oil
raw chocolate


raw chocolate


raw chocolate


One thought on “Raw Chocolate for a Healthy Easter

  1. Stacy Russell says:

    These recipes look amazing! I’m a chocolate lover but have had to give up so many chocolate treats simply because of the other ingredients they contain. I will be making THESE healthy treats for sure. Thanks for posting!

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